Reading Material


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For the Quiet and The Sensitive

How Quiet Introverts Thrive in an Extrovert World by Samuel C. Larson.
The Introvert Advantage: How Quiet People can Thrive in an Extrovert World by Marti Olsen Laney
The Irresistible Introvert: Harness the Power of Quiet by Michaela Chung
Introvert – Guide to overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety for an Introvert Advantage. An Introvert’s Guide to Success by Petyr Chek
The Strong Sensitive Boy by Ted Zeff
The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive when The World Overwhelms You by Elaine Aaron
Highly Intuitive People: 7 Right Brain Traits to Change the Lives of Intuitive-Sensitive People by Heidi Sawyer
A Book of Silence: A Journey in Search of the Pleasures and Powers of Silence by Sara Maitland

For the Smart, Sensitive & Creative

Journey Into Your Rainforest Mind: A Field Guide for Gifted Adults and Teens, Book Lovers, Overthinkers, Geeks, Sensitives, Brainiacs, Intuitives, Procrastinators, and Perfectionists by Paula Prober
Fearless Creating. A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting & Completing Your Work of Art. by Eric Maisel
Why Smart People Hurt by Eric Maisel

Stress & The Body

When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress by Gabor Mate
The Power of Surrender: Let go and Energize your Relationships, Success, and Well-Being by Judith Orloff, MD.


Awakening at Mid-Life by Kathleen Brehony
The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New MidLife by Marianne Williamson

Anxiety & Obsessions

Mastering Creative Anxiety by Eric Maisel
Brainstorm: Harnessing the Power of Productive Obsessions by Eric Maisel


Rethinking Depression by Eric Maisel


The Boy Who Felt Too Much by Lorenz Wagner


Scattered Minds: The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder by Gabor Mate

Relationships, Families & Parenting

Overcoming your Difficult Family – 8 Skills for Thriving in Any Family Situation by Eric Maisel
Attachment Focused Parenting: Effective Strategies to Care for Children by Daniel A. Hughes
Helping Survivors of Authoritarian Parents, Siblings & Partners by Eric Maisel

For Men

The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Mind, Body, Temperament & Spirit

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
The Four Agreements. Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz
The Four Temperaments by Rudolf Steiner
Understand your Temperament! A guide to the Four Temperaments – Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Melancholic by Dr Gilbert Childs

Challenging Personalities

Rethinking Narcissism – The Bad and Surprisingly Good about Feeling Special by Dr Craig Malkin

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT on Life not on Anger by George Eiffert, Matthew McKay and John Forsyth
Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life by Steven Hayes
The Art & Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy by Joanne Dahl, Jennifer Plumb, Ian Stewart and Tobia Lundgren (For the Clinician)


Epilepsy Explained by Markus Reuber, Steven Schachter, Christian Elmer & Ulrich Altrup
The Falling Sickness – A History of Epilepsy from the Greeks to the Beginnings of Modern Neurology by Owsei Temkin
Epilepsy – A Behavior Medicine Approach to Assessment & Treatment in Children by JoAnne Dahl

Other Readings

Blues Ain’t Nothing but a Good Soul Feeling Bad by Sheldon Kopp
Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goldman
Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski

Meeting the Shadow edited by Connie Zweig & Jeremiah Abrams

Personality Shaping through Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski
Positive Addiction by William Glasser
Choice Theory – A New Psychology of Personal Freedom by William Glasser
The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker


Dr Eric Maisel (For the Creative, the Anxious and the Depressed – Finding Meaning, Purpose and Fulfilment)
Dr Elaine Aron (The Highly Sensitive Person, Relationships and Love)
Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)
Australian & New Zealand ACBS