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How might a Life Coach differ from a Psychologist?

It is generally accepted that our past has an influence on our present state of wellbeing and understanding of the world. Whether you are personally drawn to make sense of your past or inspired to move on from it could ultimately determine whether you seek out a Psychologist or a Life Coach.

In very simple terms:

A Life Coach focuses on the path ahead…

A Life Coach respects the influences of your past, but focuses on the path ahead.

A Life Coach works with the present, including the present you, as a starting point.

A Psychologist may focus on the path behind…

A Psychologist may work to increase personal insight by analysing the influences that lead you down the path you are on.

A Psychologist may offer you ways to manage negative past influences.

Working with a Life Coach

The partnership between you and your Life Coach is unique…

Having a Life Coach offers you the unique experience of having someone singularly devoted to you, your goals and your aspirations:

  • A Life Coach makes a commitment to you and works alongside you
  • A Life Coach offers you wisdom, encouragement and perspective
  • A Life Coach guides you toward greater responsibility, independence and success.
  • A Life Coach is experienced in encouraging you to overcome emotional & psychological challenges in pursuit of greater happiness.
  • A Life Coach keeps an eye on your end goal, even when you can no longer see it.
  • A Life Coach is future-oriented – your future.
  • A Life Coach keeps you accountable.
  • A Life Coach looks forward to the day you say:

“Thank you! I made it! I don’t need you anymore!”

Who might seek out a Life Coach?

Life Coaches often choose to become coaches because, either through personal experience or observation, they understand that some individuals struggle to conform to a conventional blueprint of success.

This blueprint works for many people, but for a few individuals this can feel constraining, restrictive, oppressive, confusing or intimidating. It can leave many feeling like they or life is a constant disappointment.

Seeking out a Life Coach might be one of the most meaningful and important decisions of your life…

Life Coaching is for people who do not want to attract a diagnosis of mental illness. Life Coaching is for people who feel – even know – that they do not fit the criteria for a mental illness, despite their struggles. Life Coaching is for people who, whilst they may not ‘fit in’ or ‘conform’, do retain the ambition and have a deep seated passion to be themselves and pursue a life of meaning and value.

For the less conventional, the free thinkers, the ambitious, sensitive and creative, seeking out a life coach can be one of the most meaningful and important decisions of your life. If this is you, then get in touch and let’s see where we can go…

…what is the worst that could happen?

Talk soon,